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In 2007, Annick T. Koloko, Esq. founded Koloko Immigration Law, a full-service immigration law firm.  Ms. Koloko’s genuine passion for immigration law is a direct result of her personal experience as an immigrant to the United States.  As a result, Ms. Koloko strives to provide her clients the tools and resources they need in order to pursue their American dream.


Prior to starting Koloko Immigration Law, Ms. Koloko worked for some of the largest law firms in the world and represented a range of clients from established Fortune 500 companies to startup companies with limited resources. Her prior corporate law experience and business acumen enables her to better serve the particular needs of multinational corporations, organizations and investors. Her expertise is in representing U.S. and international companies in the technology and healthcare industries as well as universities, researchers, physicians and investors with their immigration needs. She also counsels corporations and small businesses on immigration and I-9 compliance. She further advises multinational companies and individual clients in all aspects of immigration law, including nonimmigrant visas, family and employment-based green cards, criminal waivers, and NAFTA matters. 


Ms. Koloko also provides representation for persons who face removal from the United States, people appealing a decision of an Immigration Judge ordering them removed from the United States, or persons wishing to reopen an order of removal from the Immigration Court.

Ms. Koloko also assists individuals in all aspects of immigration law who are or may be inadmissible to the United States, for such reasons as prior immigration violations, criminal convictions, and other grounds of inadmissibility.


Our office represents clients in all U.S. Immigration Courts, and clients with inadmissibility issues from across the United States and around the world. We are conveniently located minutes from the Canadian border, thus allowing us to provide immediate assistance to those individuals who encounter difficulties trying to enter the United States.

Ms. Koloko lives in the Buffalo area with her husband and three sons. 

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